Making The Big Choice: Choosing Between Liposuction and Smart Lipo

Until recently, liposuction had been regarded as the best way to remove unwanted fat, in large amounts, in one go. Of late, people have begun to prefer the faster and easier Smart Lipo treatment instead the good old liposuction method. Before you decide on one of the two procedures, it is important to understand the differences between the two and their applicability to different cases.

During liposuction, a tube is inserted in the affected area and moved in a stroking motion to break down the adipose tissue. The dissolved fat is then sucked out via small cuts made in the area under treatment. The cuts made in this treatment are larger than those created in Smart Lipo, and hence this method is preferred for those who need to remove fat from bigger body areas. The surgical procedure is carried out under the effect of a general anesthetic and requires the patient to spend at least a night at the clinic.

Smart Lipo is an improved version of liposuction that uses a laser to break the fat tissue under the skin. Lasers and similar techniques are beginning to replace the scalpel. Human error can easily creep in during a liposuction procedure, which can lead to some damage to the area under treatment. Such a situation cannot arise with Smart Lipo.

Small areas from which fat needs to be removed, for instance, the chin, are ideal candidates for Smart Lipo, which only requires small incisions and guarantees quicker healing. It is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient can leave the clinic half an hour after the completion of the treatment.

To ensure that you are fit to undergo either of the two procedures, you should consult a doctor. People suffering from heart problems, liver related diseases, skin disorders, and blood problems, should not undergo these treatments – visit health ebooks or breast augmentation surgery for further data relevant to this subject matter.

The procedure, whichever you opt for, should not become an excuse for complacency on your part in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. In order to maintain your shape after the treatment, you should eat healthy food and involve yourself in some sort of physical activity; otherwise, you could soon be back to your pre-treatment shape.

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