Private hospitals – gastric banding and other bariatric surgery treatment

The price coming with obesity surgery may well be quite high, but the price of avoiding the issues could be much higher. The health problems that accompany being overweight could ultimately be more costly than an operation that could save your life.

What is the process?

The most common procedure performed in an obesity surgery centre is a gastric bypass, which reduces your available food intake by making your stomach smaller. The procedure is done by the attachment of the small intestine to the small stomach, which bypasses the duodenum and extends out to the jejunum. Nutrient absorbsion will be decreased, and you will be able to curb your appetite, thus helping you to lose weight in a more natural fashion.

Gastric banding otherwise known as Adjustable Gastric Banding is a surgical procedure using a hollow silicone rubber band which is placed around the stomach near the top end, leaving only a narrow passage into the rest of the stomach.

It is inflated using a solution that is fed throught a tube under the skin in to an access port and onto the stomach. The passage size can be altered and the mechanism adjusted over a period of time.

Patients who maintain the necessary changes in eating habits after the operation can lose 50-60% of their excess weight in less than two years.

Who would be eligible?

Are you eligible for this procedure? You are already probably aware if you have disussed weight loss with your doctor. If you are at a high risk of serious damage or disease, you are likely to be a strong candidate for obesity surgery. Also, if your body mass index (or BMI) is considered to be exceptionally high or you have been considered obese for over 5 years.

Normally any patioent under the age of 18 would be advised to try to lose weight on their own, but sometimes obesity amongst teenagers cannot be corrected by diet and exercise alone. if he or she has previously been denied, once a patient becomes18 they may become eligible for treatment.

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