Tips To Lunging Health

There are not many days when there seems to be a need to tell people to cut out the lunges, but this is one of them. The truth is that some people shouldn’t be doing the lunge. Stay healthy and you can
lose 20 pounds now.

Here’s a good example of a person that would be better off avoiding the lunge. I was doing prison lunges myself when this woman came in and was trying to lunge, but she kept falling. Every time she tried she would cave over to one side. I’d see how she was twisting her legs and knees and was putting herself at serious risk of injury.

What made this scene even worse is that she was holding dumb bells the whole time.You can now understand why there are those who really shouldn’t attempt lunges. Tell your tales in the best weight loss forum.

So, except for stability problems, there are also issues for knee conditions that prevent people from doing the lunge and muscle developmental factors as well.

Common questions I receive center around finding a way to replace the workout benefits of the lunge with other movements. Let’s get started on the floor and move up to erect exercises that will help get your body worked without damage to your knees.

- 2 legs Hip Extensions
- 2 legs Stability-Shpere Culrs
- 2 legs Hip-Extensions-With-Ball * Single legged Hip-Extensions
* Wall-Ball-Squats
* Body Weight Squatting

- Prisioner-Weight Squatting
- “Y” Squats
- Belza-Squat-Splits

- Split squat
- Reversed Lunge
- Frontward Lunge

Before approaching the lunge I want you to get really good at doing the split-squat because it’s a similar movement except that the feet don’t have to come off the floor, making it a good drill to learn with.By getting a good foundation you’ll miss out on the dangerous falls like those I witnessed today. Learn more about the lunge at

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