Tips For Avoiding The Diet Pill

Everyone knows that a woman will only take pills if they’re safe. Call it the maternal instinct, or should we just say that everyone knows that women are more sensible then men?The stereotype ends at the supplement store. A woman is likely to go to extremes trying to rid herself of extra weight even if it means that she’s being unsafe. Talk about your opinions in the weight loss forum.

The incredible awareness of this came about from a survey I conducted with store owners across the country. I was expecting to find out that women wouldn’t take anything but the kindest, gentlest, safest supplements to help with weight loss.

The survey results showed the contrary. Women wanted the highest octane, hardest core diet pills avaialble, regardless of the cost. This didn’t even matter if the product was marketed to men, women still buy it.

The following are some of the facts that I learned from my study.

The owners of stores that sell dietary supplements tell me that females are looking for what is supposed to be the primo product. In other words, they want something as strong and powerful as possible. They want ephedrine-based products if that’s what it takes. They want pills for men. They just want to lose weight and they want to do it now. The pills don’t always help women experience rapid weight loss anyway.

I was also interested to discover that the intensity level was higher for older females than younger. The girls are the ones most likely to choose a softer diet pill. This is contradictory to conventional wisdom that would have you believe that younger women would be more reckless. It’s the other way around.

With the marketing geared toward them, one would expect that a woman would go for the woman-specific brands, but that isn’t the case.

I was most discouraged when I learned how most customers are interested in using pills rather than exercising. This is not a good way to go. Don’t use pills to lose 20 pounds.

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