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CWGLive – Ill-Effects Of Cigarette Smoking On Skin Health

Cigarette smoking has been strongly associated with health conditions like heart disease, lung cancer, along with other respiratory and circulatory ailments. Nevertheless, the effects of cigarette smoking might also take its toll on one’s appearance and may hamper one’s skin care efforts. This develops since the smoker’s  blood vessels become constricted. When this occurs, it impairs the flow of oxygen along with other important vitamins and minerals. The skin’s elastin and collagen may be damaged, resulting to early wrinkling. Smoking might dehydrate and deprive the skin of necessary nutrients that are needed to maintain the skin’s moisture and smoothness.

The effects of smoking in the skin are significant. Cigarette smoke consists of more than 4,000 chemicals, 60 of these are carcinogens. Smoking suggests exposing oneself to chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide, butane, nicotine, carbolic acid, ammonia, along with other harmful chemicals. As these substances are inhaled, these toxins decrease blood circulation by narrowing the blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin. This might reduce blood flow and deplete the skin’s supply of minerals and vitamins that are essential in maintaining healthy glowing skin.

Additionally, cigarette smoke also contain carbon monoxide that is a toxic gas that’s also found in car exhaust. The human blood is capable of absorbing carbon monoxide 200 times faster than oxygen. When this happens, the different organs of the body such as the liver may get polluted and poisoned. The liver might not be able to function properly and work harder to get rid of the chemicals from the body. The skin may ultimately lose its radiance and glow because of this. As more cigarettes are consumed, one’s skin conditions may deteriorate. Skin effects of cigarette smoking might appear in smokers after ten years of this habit. It also possible that chronic exposure to the heat caused by cigarettes may damage facial skin in the long run. In addition, several medical studies suggest that smoking may damage the skin in the whole body and give it a yellow tint.

Cigarette smoking may also lower Vitamin C levels in the body and deprive the skin of this important nutrient. This vitamin helps the skin maintain glow and youthful appearance because the chemicals in the body consumes Vitamin C. The human body can’t produce Vitamin C and is only be attained by means of food consumption or supplements.

The ill-effects of smoking in one’s appearance and overall health have stressed the need to quit smoking. People who are having a tough time quitting smoking might use various quit smoking products like nicotine gums, patches, and others which are out in the market. These products are scientifically proven to help individuals who want to stop smoking. These products work by temporarily providing the body with nicotine through means other than cigarettes. This assists calm physical withdrawal symptoms of cigarette smoking. Utilizing these products and coupling them with the right attitude is a sure formula for improved overall health and healthy-looking skin.

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