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Learn How To NOT Lose Weight

I know it’s not politically correct to by the National Enquirer, but I got roped in by the headline, “Hollywood’s Deadly Skin and Bones Diet: Stars Risking Their Lives to be Thin.” Then there was the Tabloid, In Touch, with a similar headline, “Scary Skinny!”

This was “professional” research: I wasn’t really reading these things.Tabloid Tales

Among others, the Enquire cover featured 110 pound Anna Kournikova; 100 pound Angelina Jolie; 5′ 6″, 5′ 7″, 100 pound Angelina Jolie.

Dr. Stanley Title was quoted in the article saying, “The skin and bones diet is extremely dangerous and can cause serious health implications. Read the rest of this entry »

How Not To Fail Miserably On Your Weight Loss Program

As things are, I don’t really see any issues with weight loss. An Oxford study documented that four-fifths of all dieters gained back all the weight they lost and then some in five years or less.

Those who resolve to lose weight at the beginning of the year stop trying in two months. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazing Fat Loss Exercise

Squats are particularly attractive to those looking for solutions on how to lose weight fast. With all the exercises that create changes in body composition, the one that towers above the rest is the squat.More than any other weight bearing exercise, dead lifts and squats use the most groups of muscles.

Therefore you get the most hormonal stimulation, producing the most growth hormone and testosterone. Read the rest of this entry »

Eat Trans Fats To Lose Weight Fast

You may not realize that there are good and bad trans fats, with a difference between them.Evidence suggests that good trans fats help with muscle building fat loss and cancer prevention. Some ways on how to lose weight fast also involve healthy trans fats.

On the other hand you have bad trans fats the calls heart disease diabetes Cancer and body blubber. Read the rest of this entry »

The fountain of youth: antioxidants

You’ve probably hear a lot about all the great things antioxidants can do for you. Through their fight against antioxidants, the aging process slows, you look better, and you get protection against cancer, heart disease and other health problems. It’s amazing how losing weight fast can make such a difference to your health! Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Travel Workouts

Before we get started you need to know this type of workout is going to be different than what you’ve tried in the past, and may result in a body that is much stronger and leaner in a matter of weeks.All right, so that was an exaggeration, but still this is a great workout especially for people who are so busy they can’t make it to the gym.

While doing this you can’t be concerned about the thoughts of other people and you must stay open-minded yourself. In spite of the funny looks, you’ll be the one laughing last with your awesome body! Read the rest of this entry »

Change Your Workouts For Best Fat Loss

I’ve told you before how that it is necessary to change your workout variables if you are going to continuously build muscle and lose weight. While altering variables is very important, you shouldn’t make drastic changes to your workouts every time you exercise. This is true especially if you want to learn how to lose weight fast. Read the rest of this entry »

Eat Fast Food And Not Kill Yourself

Recently, my friends and I stopped at a fast food restaurant to eat.Sometimes fast food places are unavoidable, even though I don’t like them. It’s hard to get healthy foods to eat at a fast food restaurant.

Stay away from breaded items like chicken patties, nuggets, and fish as well as deep fried items like hash browns and French fries. Read the rest of this entry »

Lose Weight And Keep It Off Permanently By Following This Advice

A well documented problem associated with reduced food intake is the associated lethargy that comes with it.This is why many dieters stop seeing progress after awhile and have to make further adjustments to the amount of food they eat. You can see this happening in just about any weight loss forum.

In the aftermath of the diet, weight loss tends to be short live because of the body’s natural attempt to regulate weight.The gain of weight is due to the body learning to get by on less calories during the diet. Read the rest of this entry »

New Year, New Body, Let’s Make It Happen Now With These Quick Tips

Don’t ruin the new year with old rationalizations: they don’t work.All your pretexts have done is left you unfit and unhealthy for another year. Almost every weight loss forum will be talking about gearing up for another new year.

Get the year off to a good start by taking all those miracle machines and pills out to the dump. Read the rest of this entry »